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Bolashak University

University "Bolashak" - the regional cultural and educational center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The University of instruction at 2 faculties and departments 7 to 42 undergraduate majors, 6 and 32 master specialties specialties College.

Today, the University of "Bolashak" aims to become a leading institution of national science and prepare the best personnel for the economy of our independent state.

University "Bolashak"

  • Formation of University

      Bolashak university - one of the highest educational institutions with the advanced education....

  • University purposes and tasks

    University purposes: - satisfaction of needs of the republic and the region in highly qualified...

  • Research work

      Scientifically research work in higher education institutions. The teaching staff, students and...


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Youth Bolashak

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Scientific Research Institute Bolashak and media: March


At the beginning of March several materials of members of the centers of Scientific Research Institute Bolashak were published in electronic versions of the regional newspaper «Syr boyi»:Медетбаев Т. Келешегіміздің құқықтық кепілі. Электрондық ресурс: http://syrboyi.kz/negizginews/18274-keleshegmzd-yty-kepl.htmlНасимов М.Ө. Мемлекет тарихындағы маңызды бағдарлама. Электрондық ресурс: http://syrboyi.kz/negizginews/18489-memleket-tarihynday-mayzdy-badarlama.html Паридинова Б.Ж. Әлеуметтік жаңғыру негізі. Электрондық ресурс: http://syrboyi.kz/negizginews/18517-leumettk-zhayru-negz.htmlBesides, article of the director of Scientific Research Institute Bolashak M.O. Nassimov was published in the republican newspaper «Egemen Qazaqstan» of March 29, 2018 «Мемлекет тарихындағы маңызды бағдарлама»: https://egemen.kz/article/166688-m-nasimov-memleket-tarikhyndaghy-manhyzdy-baghdarlama



There was article «Адами капитал жаңғыру негізі»

In the regional newspaper «Syr Boi’y», №14-15, there was article the candidate of political science, associate professor, director of the «Bolashak» scientific research institute M.O. Nassimov «Адами капитал жаңғыру негізі». With this article you can browse through this link: http://syrboyi.kz/bilim/17221-adami-kapital-zhayru-negz.html










In the regional newspaper «Syr Boi’y», №192-193, there was article the candidate of political science, associate professor, director of the «Bolashak» scientific research institute M.O. Nassimov «Бағдарламалық мақала бағытымен». With this article you can browse through this link: http://syrboyi.kz/negizginews/16219-badarlamaly-maala-baytymen.html

Interview of the director of scientific research institute bolashak


At the end of October a monograph was published «Сананы жаңғыртудың 6 бағыты: мәні, мазмұны және түсініктері». The author of the monograph is the candidate of political sciences, associate professor, director of the Scientific Research Institute «Bolashak» M.O. Nassimov. About the book can be found at the following linkhttp://syrboyi.kz/suhbat/15729-mrat-nasimov-blmd-bolu-az-ruhani-bayly-mayzdy.html


New monograph of young scientist


         The other day the new monograph «Сананы жаңғыртудың 6 бағыты: мәні, мазмұны және түсініктері» was published. The author of the monograph is the candidate of political sciences, associate professor, director of the Scientific Research Institute «Bolashak» M.O. Nassimov

     The scientific monograph analyzes the essence, content and concepts outline several aspects of this modernization process for both society as a whole and for every individual in Kazakhstan indicated in the program article President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev "Course towards the future: modernization of Kazahstan`s identity"

     The monograph consists of six parts. The first part identifies the main features and characteristics of competitiveness. The second part is devoted to a scientific analysis of the concept of pragmatism. In the third part analyzed the essence and basic concepts of national identity. The fourth part deals with the basic problems of the cult of knowledge. The fifth part defines the general picture of the evolutionary development of society. In the sixth part, the open attitude is defined as the aspects of modernization of the attitude of every Kazakhstani.


    The monograph was made in the center of socio-economic and political studies of the Scientific Research Institute «Bolashak».

With this project, we will always be the winner!


Студенты группы УА-15 специальности «Учет и Аудит» подали заявку на Национальный конкурс инноваций в номинации «Лучший инновационный проект среди студентов». Они предоставили проект под названием «Обучение через предпринимательство».


Цель  проекта:  способствовать  максимальной  самореализации  студентов, развитие способностей критического мышления и навыков самостоятельного поиска информации, формирование IT-знаний и финансовой грамотности молодежи.


Создание на базе университета учебного центра по типу Школы молодых предпринимателей, где проводилось бы профильное обучение с целью привития молодым людям предпринимательского сознания и навыков ведения бизнеса.