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Bolashak University

University "Bolashak" - the regional cultural and educational center of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The University conducts training in 2 faculties and 7 departments in 42 specialties of undergraduate, 6 specialties of magistracy and 29 specialties of the College and the medical college of the University “Bolashak”

Today, the University "Bolashak" sets the goal to become the leading educational institution of national science and prepare the best personnel for the economy of our independent state

University "Bolashak"

  • Formation of University

      Bolashak university - one of the highest educational institutions with the advanced education....

  • University purposes and tasks

    University purposes: - satisfaction of needs of the republic and the region in highly qualified...

  • Research work

      Scientifically research work in higher education institutions. The teaching staff, students and...


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Applicant 2018

To students


Youth Bolashak


The University "Bolashak" celebrated the Day of the First President

 On December 1, the whole country, all the people of Kazakhstan will proudly celebrate the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.To celebrate the annual Day of the First President and to support the policy of the Head of our state, students and teachers of the Department of General Education and Law held a round table. The head of the political work department of the regional branch of the Nur Otan party Altynbek Zharylkasynov, a university graduate, an activist of the society Zhomart Kenzhebaev had been invited to the event.Rector of the University, Ph.D., Associated Professor Rysmakhanova Gulmira Zhumabekovna opened the solemn meeting and congratulated the occasion.During the event, the biography of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev was spoken and issues related to the implementation of the Head of State’s message to the people of Kazakhstan were discussed. Each path of the First President of independent Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, his each work, introduced for the country, will be an example for today's youth.

Мақтанышым, айбарым, желбіре, көк байрағым!




 According to the assignment of the Department of Internal Policy of Kyzylorda was organized competition called «Мақтанышым, айбарым, желбіре, көк байрағым!» by the Department of Philology and Journalism on the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 8 students of different specialties took part in the competition. Participants were testedaccording to the two tasks. The first task was to read the fragments from the works of the famous Kazakh poets according to the theme. The second task was to read the own poems devoted to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students of the Kazakh Language and Literature Merek Yernur and Ibragimov Meirzhan were directed to take part for the next competition of the young poets of the region.

"The Origin of World Education andNational History - Latin Alphabet"




Department of Philology and Journalism and Faculty of Pedagogy held an event named "The Origin of World Education andNational History - Latin Alphabet". The purpose of the event is to give a deep insight for public opinioninto the importance of transition to the Latin alphabet, its spelling, social and linguistic issues.Members of the working group of the Kazakh alphabet, the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor AbasilovAmanMadelhanovich and Candidate of Philology, senior lecturer Boranbai Bolat Eltaevich was attended the event and read a report.


Dominant or position. Abuse of dominant or monopolistic position



On November 20, 2018, At the Department of “Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship” chief specialist of Department of Committee on regulation of natural monopolies protecting competition and authorities of consumers of the Ministry of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Kyzylorda region Orynbayev Yerkin Seitzhanovich gave a lecture to students of the specialties “State and local government,“ Accounting and audit” of the “Faculty of Entrepreneurship in Entities” on the topic: “Dominant or position. Abuse of dominant or monopolistic position”. During the lecture, he spoke about the work of the antimonopoly committee and answered questions posed by students


"Teacher - my greatness, my example"


“Teacher” is an outstanding word. This is a person who shapes people's view of life, a sense of respect, respect for each other, and teaches education, behavior and morality. The teacher - the spiritual architecture of the young generation, society and people - will give a reliable hope for the future. They teach people who conscientiously, intellectually, with national and human values. The person who is brought up by a great teacher is a good public figure, a person who adapts his life to the right direction. The 4th of October in the Palace of Students of Bolashak University, a solemn event "Teacher - my greatness, my example", dedicated to the Teacher’s Day. The main goal of this course is to teach students to respect teachers, to explain the nature of the teacher's profession. During our event, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of our university, science of economic. G.ZH. Rysmakhanova congratulated our teachers on the holiday and presented letters of thanks from the regional akim, the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the same time, students of the faculty "Pedagogy" made songs, dances, poems and congratulated our teachers on video and bouquets of flowers.