To participate in the UNT, graduates of secondary education organizations of previous years, technical and vocational or post-secondary education submit the following documents to the admission committee of the university:

-an application of the established sample;

-six photo cards measuring 3 x 4 centimeters;

-a certificate of general secondary education, a diploma of technical and vocational education, a diploma of post-secondary education with an appendix (original).

-a copy of the identity document;

-medical certificate in the form 075/Y;

-receipt of payment for participation in the testing

-At the same time, graduates of the calendar year of organizations of technical and vocational, post-secondary education, instead of a diploma of technical and vocational education or a diploma of post-secondary education, submit a certificate of completion of their studies in the current year, issued by the educational organization in which they studied, indicating the code and name of the specialty (qualification)   training, in accordance with Annex 3 to the "Rules of the Unified National Testing"