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Bolashak research institute

 Bolashak Research Institute as a structural unit of the University Bolashak has been working since 2014.

The main aim of the Institute is the development of fundamental scientific foundations and applied research.

The tasks and functions of the Bolashak Research Institute are:

-       preparation, provision and assistance in conducting research work and university projects;

-       development of projects and plans for scientific research;

-       organization of research and development on a modern scientific and technical level;

-       ensuring high efficiency of ongoing scientific works and projects;

-       control over the timely and high-quality implementation of scientific research in accordance with approved tasks and programs;

-       assistance in attracting full-time scientific staff, faculty to supervise scientific projects;

-       consulting support of enterprises;

-       organization of seminars, round tables and conferences on the topics of the main scientific works of laboratories and centers;

-       establishment of scientific relations with educational institutions, scientific organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

-       preparation of special issues of journals, conducting international scientific conferences with foreign partners of the Institute.

Since 2014 the institute was headed by the doctor of agricultural sciences, professor Zh.U. Utesinov. Since September 2017, the director Research Institute candidate of political sciences, associate professor M.O. Nassimov.

Bolashak Research Institute includes: Laboratory of space research; Agrobiotechnology research laboratory; Center for Socio-Economic and Political Researches. In the future, it is planned to open new research centers for pedagogical and philological sciences.

Since 2014 Institute together with theVedecko vydavatelske centrum "Sociasfera-CZ"(Praha)annually conducts international scientific-practical conferences «Purposes, tasks and values of education in modern conditions» and «Safety of a person and society as a problem of social sciences and humanities». And also the Institute prepares special issues of the Russian journal «Young Scientist».