Student government

Committee on youth affairs (CYA) of university is the structural division performing the state youth policy at the level of university. The committee is obliged to fulfill office requirements of the rector, vice rector, to create equivalent partnership with the republican, city youth organizations, to work jointly with active students of faculties.

Main objectives of the committee:

-       To provide implementation of world youth politics at university;

-       To perform actually the documents having the state value including its direct concerning youth policy of the Law "About the State Youth Policy of RK", the concept of youth policy;

-       To hold events for the prevention of the facts of offenses among students of university;

-       Interactions between students the directed installations of peace and harmony;

-       To promote students to take an active part in educational work;

-       To organize competitions and festivals on actual topics; rights of Committee on youth affairs (further CYA).

 At the meeting of CYA to follow the messages of student's deans on problems of student council leaders of hostel, discuss the work plan of CYA, to define the duties of members of CYA, consideration of extraordinary cases in the student team, the imposition of a reprimand:

-       to take part as the representative on behalf of university in city and at the republican level, in youth parliament, in administration, the academic council of university, to act on behalf of youth of university, to make recommendations and changes;

-       to come into close contact with other university committees on youth affairs;

-       awarding students, accepting administrative measures if necessary;

-       offerring the ideas on development and problems of youth policy to administration of the university;

-       the committee on youth affairs has the right to have access to information of dean's office and administration.

 Duties of СYA:

- the committee on youth affairs directly submits to the vice rector for an educational part of university, planning in common work.

 CYA is guided by the following norms and laws:

* Constitution of RK;

* The law of RK "About youth policy" ";

* The concept about the state youth policy of RK;

* Decisions of the Academic council and administration of the university;

* Decisions of a meeting of management on development of a state language, educational work and youth policy;

* Decisions of committee on youth affairs.

 Structure of CYA:

CYA includes The Chairman of CYA and directions instructors:

  1. The chairman of committee is appointed (dismissed) by the order of the rector;
  2. Chairman:

- Has to carry out tasks of committee in time;

- To explain to all staff of committee official duties and to organize work of committee;

- Will organize work with student's deans;

- Is guided by the Rules and Norms approved by the rector of the university;

2. The staff of CYA approves the plans of activities, discusses questions of youth policy, passes decisions and resolutions, prepares documents to administration;

3. All decisions, instructions, internal orders and resolutions of committee on youth affairs are obligatory to performance of university by student's dean's offices.