Student government



The student government is a division of Bolashak University, which implements state youth policy, organizes, and also carries out festive and cultural activities. Helps to solve problems by building close relationships with students. In particular, the organization of effective and interesting extracurricular activities for students, support and assistance in further hardening of capable, creative youth, informing the dormitory population about current conditions, working with students with average and low academic performance, preventing pressure from senior students on 1st year students, improving the skills of youth, raising the level, assisting in showing the best in regional open competitions.

Main objectives:

-Development of managerial abilities of student leadership groups.

-Formation of the student's personality, his internal social development, education of kindness to the environment;

-Participation of students in the work of student self-government (student meetings), joint decision-making on issues of student life at the university;

- Identification of leaders from among the student body.

Main tasks:

-Development of measures for the timely implementation of youth policy;

-Participation in the organization and improvement of the educational process at the university, departments, study groups;

-Formation of a civic position, ensuring interaction with political institutions, development of social activity of young people;

-Development of intellectual and creative potential, promotion of self-improvement of students in educational, scientific and artistic activities;

-Coordination of the activities of the university and public organizations on the implementation of youth policy, timely resolution of youth issues;

-Interaction with youth organizations, higher authorities on issues related to the experienced and relevant solution of youth problems of the university.

The following student interest organizations and movements have been created from the Government in each area:

- The volunteer club «Meirim». Purpose: to instill moral values in students, to promote respect for elders, for juniors, and to help those in need. Further promotion of the good traditions of our ancestors, who did not cry as orphans. By the will of fate, helping the elders who remained lonely in old age. Working with kids with various mental and psychological illnesses, creating the most favorable conditions for defenseless teenagers so that they can enter into a great life, become great citizens.

- The television project «Bolashak TV». Purpose: to introduce the youth of our educational institution to representatives of the older generation who know, respect the country, and have achieved various successes on their own. To promote the development of a culture of speech and behavior of students in front of a television camera through the organization of various interesting programs and projects. An information mirror linking the university with the outside society, bringing to the attention of the public the achievements and advantages of the educational institution.

- The organization «Career Guidance». The goal: to establish a Golden bridge between the university and schools. To introduce students to the advantages and features of the university. Organize various contests and projects among schoolchildren, support their performances and arouse interest in the university. Work on the formation of a positive attitude towards the consciousness of the younger generation.

- «PADISHAH» Women's Club. Purpose: to popularize traditions and customs for our beautiful spirits. Organization of special seminars with the invitation of psychological specialists. To contribute to becoming the best bride, and not just a specialist who meets the requirements of the 21st century, by providing advice and relevant data in various necessary areas, upon request.

- Discussion club «Oidarya». Purpose: to create conditions for the civic and intellectual growth of young people, to help organize debate tournaments.

- «Bolashak START-UP» business incubator.  Purpose: to develop entrepreneurship and support business ideas among students.

- The «Zhas Akyn» circle. Purpose: to unite students who are inclined to literary creativity (literary and musical performance, aitys, mushaira), to form the necessary environment for search, direction and search. Organization of events in this direction.

-Modern dance studio «Flame dance». Purpose: to introduce students to modern types of dance, to prepare for urban and republican competitions.

- The «IT BRAIN» club. Purpose: to increase students' interest in new technologies and the ability to use ICT independently.


Chairman of the Student Government


Aralbayev Dosbol, student of the FIS-22 group

Tel: 8 705 491 8081