About the library

The tasks set by the library are to create a high-quality collection of books, meet the needs of readers, quickly convey information and make the library modern and accessible to users, work with the following structural divisions:

- replenishment of the Book Fund and scientific processing;

- Department of electronic resources;

- service departments (subscription, reading rooms and electronic rooms);

- information and bibliographic Department.

The total fund of the Bolashak library is 800,000 copies.

The Department of replenishment of the library fund and scientific processing continuously conducts work on the selection of literature to replenish the fund and the provision of books to industry specialties. Thematic plans and price sheets from publishers are sent to the library to the departments, determine the needs for the educational process and include them in the public procurement plan.

In order to replenish the book fund, the Department's employees worked with the following publishing houses and book-trading institutions. These are: Association of universities, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library, Publishing Houses "Foliant", "Bastau", "Arys", "Otan", "economy","InterPress Distribution" LLP, "Evero" LLP, public fund "Akmeshit", "Study INN" LLP, Center for the Bologna Process and academic mobility, "Institute for the development of State languages" LLP, IP Imanalieva, IP Tuleev, IP "Kitap", IP "Nurzhan", IP "Niyazova N. N.", IP "Tukenov", IP tanrykbayev zh, IP "Zhienai", IP "Akhtayeva N. H." and others.

            In order to increase the efficiency of using the book fund, an analysis is carried out based on the fund, changes in it and the degree of use.

            The Department of electronic resources provides complete and rational library and information services to students, undergraduates, faculty, and users engaged in science in general in accordance with their information needs. They are:

- delivery of electronic textbooks and other information resources to users using new technologies;

- Organization of the library's work in an innovative direction;

- create an opportunity for users to freely work with the electronic catalog, use the fund;

- providing access to external electronic resources for university users, etc.;

- timely posting of library news on the university website.

The library of the Kyzylorda University "Bolashak" is a library of the Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library (www.rmeb.kz the work continues on the implementation of the works of teachers as a member by agreement.

There is an opportunity to use external electronic resources online through all computers connected to the university server: "Elzevir" in English, "Springer", "Thomson Reuters", "Lan"in the Electronic Library System,"universitetskaya Biblioteca online", "IPR-books", "Bibliorossika", etc.

The library of the University "Bolashak" in Kyzylorda has created its own pages in social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

The library provides readers with 1 reading room for 150 seats, 1 Subscription, 1 electronic room for 20 seats, and a hostel.

Jobs of service departments are being atomized under the RABIS program. Registration and re-registration of readers is carried out through the "reader's card index", the reader's ticket and form are issued according to the program and serviced in electronic form.

One of the main tasks of library staff is to promote library and bibliographic knowledge. At the beginning of the new academic year, library bibliographic classes were held for first-year students.

The library staff holds events in various directions within the walls of the University and the library, actively participates in regional, national and international events.


One of the most important tasks of employees is the organization of public events in order to promote the library fund.  The effectiveness of Public Events is the timely delivery of traditional and electronic publications received by the fund to users, creating an opportunity for them to use real data from books, periodicals, and digital sources. Types of events: book exhibitions, round tables, promotions, parties, specialist's day, weeks, training seminars, conferences, etc.

In order to fully meet the needs of readers, work is carried out with the regional Universal Library named after A. Tazhibayev and city libraries through interlibrary subscriptions.

Work with the foundation. Due to the close location of the fund, the service departments constantly work to move the fund, check the correctness and identify outdated, dilapidated literature in terms of content in the fund.

In order to preserve the fund, the library has been working with readers who are in debt, and work has been established to return borrowed books to the fund by calling them by phone and writing letters to their addresses.

Reference-bibliographic section

One of the main activities of the department is the selective distribution of information (IRI). The type of activity is most often used by teachers-scientists engaged in science, undergraduates, students who write diplomas, term papers.

The movement of the fund in the department is constantly monitored, updated with new reference publications, works of Teachers, conference materials.

As a result, 757 copies of books were reviewed, 37 copies of books were returned from the fund of the department to the service department, as well as 31 copies of new books were withdrawn from the fund.

  Through the reference and bibliographic Department, information Days, field book exhibitions, etc.events are organized to familiarize the library with newly received publications, and recommendation lists are compiled for events held in the library.

The newly received publications are selected in the field of science according to the library-bibliographic system, compiled a list and sent to the departments as ballots. 

Employees of the Department reduce user requests (such as reference books, bibliographic recommendation lists, etc.) through the RABIS program.  

   The library staff participated in seminars at the intra-university, regional, national and international levels, improved their skills, exchanged experience, received diplomas and certificates.

   The library staff contributes to the improvement of the cultural and intellectual level of readers from the life of the University and Library in the local media.