BU zhaidarman team

                         Team "Bolashak" 2021

University students actively participate in the Zhaidarman games. Founded in 2012, the BU team is known not only in the region, but also in the republic. In 2013, they received several diplomas and letters of thanks from the Premier League. 2014 participated in the Republican Western League, 2015 Republican Central League. Winners of the Cup of the Festival "Student Spring-2015"

The Bolashak team was formed in September 2019. This team of university students began to stand out and strengthen in the intra-university games. Walking within the walls of the university, participating in many competitions, defending the honor of the university and winning prizes, the team became the best team to defend the honor of the university.

With the support of the rector of the university and the founders of the university, the team of Bolashak University received a ticket to the Republican television project "Jaidarman Live" in Nursultan, where they tested their skills in the 1/8 stage.

The team received a ticket to the First Republican League and made the name of the university in the 1/8 round.

Team members:

Tursynbay Kalkaman (Teacher)

2.Uksikbai Zhandos (student)

3.Zhalgasov Asylkhan (student)

 4.Saktaganov Mukhtarkhan (student)

5.Kamal Meirkhan (student)

6.Umirzaқ Didar (student)