Educational activity of university

Educational activity of the university is carried out on specialties: 42 bachelor degrees, 6 magistracies.

For quality improvement of training teachers' staff of educational process are used interactive methods of training, such as modular training and development of critical thinking, technology of modern educational technologies.

One of the most important steps in choice of profession of entrants is acquaintance with the educational programs which are carried out at the university. Information of educational programs of higher educational institutions is located on the official site.

Educational blocks and student's houses are equipped with wireless Internet access (WiFi). It creates conditions to PTS and students for free access to the university portal of education.

The reference book of the student and the elective catalog of disciplines, training programs, libraries and information about departments are placed on the educational portal. Besides, in the portal there are placed contents of EMCD for the students studying on distance technologies.

All disciplines of specialty are provided with educational literature.

Training at the university is held in light auditoriums and special classes (computer, language laboratories). The state compulsory education corresponds to the teaching standards, which allows providing implementation of the high-quality software, curricula, programs, educational and research activities.

In educational cabinets there are established interactive boards, multimedia projectors, and panoramic screens. All divisions of the university are provided with computers, printers, audio and video equipments.

The service of office registrar works for the organization of mid-term and total control of students' knowledge of the university.

Together with the service of office registrar the department carries out regular monitoring of training courses, and then the monitoring continuity between mid-term and total control is carried out.

Control of the department allows doing a quality evaluation of carrying out training courses, test tasks, examinations.

Training of specialists at the university conforms to the labor market requirements.

Quality of educational process at faculties of the university is traced by committee of development of training materials, coordination and approvals of the curricula and programs which are carried out in the course of monitoring.

Trajectories of educational programs are determined. Demand of employers is discussed at a meeting of university scientific-research recommendation.

Observance of the quality standards, services of compulsory education is strictly monitored, results are analized, possible ways to overcome the deficiencies.

Monitoring of requirements of the labor market by contact with employers by results of which demand for graduates of university is determined is performed.

Updating of educational programs is oriented to the labor market requirements.

When forming curricula are taken into account opinion of the employer on EP that improves an educational trajectory of the student

Contracts with the banks, the companies and organizations working in the region are signed: JSC "KaspiBank", LLP "Сарықасқа-Инжиниринг" , LLP "Олжас и К", LLP "Kызылорда мониторинг", LLP "Сәтсервис", Regional archive, Regional library after A.Tazhibayev, Teleradio corporation "Когам ТВ", Broadcasting company RTRC "Kazakhstan-Kyzylorda", Institute of raising qulification of teachers of the Kyzylorda region "Өрлеу БАҮО".

Employment of graduates largely respects depends on a cooperation with the employers, including correspondence with the organizations, institutions, industrial enterprises, the organization of a job fair, round tables, meetings with representatives of leading enterprises of organization of the region, the conclusion of contracts with the organizations, poll of employers in the form of the questionnaire developed at the university.


To be a competitive specialist the student must be obliged to have computer skills, modern technologies, to be a polylingual personality, to be able to do the forecast of future problems, to have professional and ethical responsibility.


The themes of dissertations, diploma works of undergraduates and students are of great importance. Subjects are updated every year.

In the educational process is introduced innovative educational technology, which is an important integral component in a wide range of educational services.

The students, learning the English and Chinese languages are provided with the training materials prepared by universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Xinjiang. PTS, students and employees have an opportunity to use the scientific electronic publications Thomson Reuters, Springer, Elsevier, Science Direct, etc.


Being guided by rules of the organization of distance learning in educational process, at Bolashak university works "The center of distance learning".

To internationalizations of an education system and implementation of the international academic mobility in the course of access to educational space there is carried out works on the organization of PTS exchange. For increase in level of knowledge of students contracts are signed with technical university Malaysia, the Xinjiang pedagogical institution, Moscow State University of economics, statistics and informatics, the State scientific institute (city Pushchin), Astrakhan state university, Yerevan branch of Moscow State University of economics, statistics and informatics, Zhalal-Abad university of economics and business, ENU after L.N.Gumilev, Kyzylorda state university after Korkyt Ata, the West Kazakhstan engineering humanities university.

For the last three years with the program of the academic mobility 16 students were at the Xinjiang pedagogical institute, 17 students and 2 teachers studied at the Astrakhan state university, internal mobility 10 students and 4 undergraduates studied.

Professional development of the PTS are carried out on a regular basis in the leading higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia and other foreign universities. So, teachers of the university in 2011-2015 passed the courses of raising qualification: at the Kazakh state women's pedagogical institute, at Almaty state university, West Kazakhstan agrotechnical university after Zhangir khan, at Moscow state pedagogical institute, in Academy of the social researches "Кокше", in JSC "Samruk-Kazyna", the Republican scientific and practical center "Daryn", in JSC "Holding Zerde", in training center of teachers of the Kyzylorda region "Orleu", the Warsaw school of economics, at the university of Catalonia, etc.

Quality of lessons, educational - methodical materials, SIW discussed at meetings of departments and faculties.

Students according to standards of compulsory education pass an educational, language, pedagogical, work practice. Departments, conducting training coordinate work of practicians.

Long-term relations with the organizations with necessary conditions for students practicians are established. Contracts, signed with the institutions, organizations, schools are the bases for practice.


According to the strategic plan of development of a university for 2011-2020 years on the base of college functions the branch of the department "Pedagogics, Psychology and Defectology". It is planned to open branches of the departments: "Philology and journalism" based on city TV channel "Kogam TV", "Biology, Geography and Sport" based on "СырТабигаты" Association, "Oil and gas, building and ecology" based on "Экосервис" scientific - technological center and the oil company "Қор". The objectives of practice bases in branches are the preparation for practical activities of future specialist.


Expansion of practic bases on the productions, entered to the map of industrial and innovative development is planned.

Special attention is paid to the training of masters oriented to science.


Training of masters is determined by the regulating documents oriented to training of highly qualified personnel. The research, content of scientific work corresponds to a scientific perspective and a subject of the undergraduate.

Educational process of a magistracy will be organized in close interaction with educational institutions of the FSU and beyond, with the leading native higher educational institutions. Among them there are such universities: The Euroasian National university after L.N.Gumilev, Academy of public administration at the President of Kazakhstan, Almaty Academy of economics and statistics, Moscow State University of economics, statistics of informatics (Russia), Yerevan branch of Moscow State University of economics, statistics of informatics (Armenia), the Astrakhan State university (Russia), Institute of the Russian scientific academy of cell biophysics (Russia), Institute of the Russian scientific academy of theoretical and experimental biophysics, Pushchin natural-science institute (Russia), Aerospace Institute of the Ukrainian national academy, department of audio books of institute of the air navigation of the Ukrainian National Aviation university, Jalal Abad university of economics and business (the Kyrgyz Republic), Technical university Melaka (Malaysia), Xinjian pedagogical university (China), Research institution of rice, Applied Microbiology branch at the institute of microbiology and virology of RK, the Kyzylorda state university after Korkyt Ata, the West Kazakhstan engineering humanities university, etc.

From among the foreign teachers giving lectures for undergraduates were: Van Jen Chuai, Xinjian pedagogical university (China), doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Yu.A.Kim, professor of "Cell biophysics" institute of scientific academy of the Russian Federation, professor of university to Cannam Kim Fillipi, etc.

According to the 82nd point of the decree № 1080 of August 23, 2012 the Governments of RK in 2013-2014 academic year 17 undergraduates passed a training course and received certificates at the Astrakhan state university (agreement №2743-14, 24.02.2014). Besides, 4 undergraduates studied on internal academic mobility in the Almaty Academy of economy and statistics (agreement № 2743-14, 24.02.2014).

In the above-stated higher education institutions gave lectures to undergraduates such teachers as c.e.s. E.I.Skobleva, professor G.V.Ryabichkina, c.p.s., associate professor O.M.Korobkova, c.p.s., associate professor R.V.Smirnova, c.p.s., associate professor G.V.Palatkina, c.p.s. T.V.Dymova, c.t.s. A.O.Tyurina, etc.

The university base performs scientific, theoretical and practical activities of undergraduates, meeting all shown sanitary standards and rules.

Special attention is paid to the publication of monographs, educational and methodical benefits, and test tasks, for what the publishing center functions.